L'Asino e la luna copertina

Testimonianze dei Volontari

In questa pagina, potrete trovare le opinioni e le testimonianze di tutti i vari volontari che abbiamo accolto nella nostra comunità.

Otilia Lefter – Romania – 2 Settimane di volontariato:

L’Asino e la Luna is a wonderful community of friends working as a big loving family to create together a peaceful place where anyone can come and recharge their “batteries” in harmony with nature’s rythms and find the time, space, connection that they really need.

The community has an animal sanctuary with rescued domestic inhabitants which they love very much (Silvio the donkey is the master of ceremony inside the farm), and most of the daily activities are about taking care of them.

They also strive for self-sufficiency and did important steps to reach it, like planting hundreds of fruit trees, having their own bee hives and trying to implement permaculture principles in their garden.

Each member is contributing with his own unique talent (from photography, web designing, to animal behaviour, plumbing, shamanism etc.)and there is no work schedule and no pressure on doing things. Despite this, things get done because everyone is motivated to contribute to the project and I felt the same once I arrived (plus Stefano is a workoholic, so that help a lot:))).

Seriously…they are GREAT PEOPLE with big open hearths and I felt in love with them all! Although I stayed just for 1 week, they took great care of me (Manuela and Stefano are the perfect hosts), we did yoga together, went several times to swim in a magical waterfall oasis, visited Bracciano Lake, opened the bee-hives on purpose just to explain me how it works, had great talks and meals together (food is a 10+) and the list goes on.

I definetly recommend this place to everyone willing to help out since L’Asino e la Luna is a convergence point of harmony in the world. I miss you guys and I hope to see you again!

Matthijs & Merel – Olanda – 2 Settimane di volontariato:

We stayed here for two weeks, we really enjoyed our time here! The place is beautiful with an panoramic view over the sea. They have a lot of cute animals! The food was so deliscious and healty and we learned to make tiramisu and other italian dishes. The people are wonderful and we enjoyed our time with them! They also took us to nice places.

The work was not hard and you have a lot of free time, you have to be self sufficient because you have to think by yourself sometimes what you can do. We really miss you guys already and yes we hope to come back to you again! We welcome you to come to the Netherlands! Lots of love Matthijs and Merel